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Stock Trading

The stock market is a prime destination for many people when it comes to their investment activities. Putting some of your hard-earned income into stocks can be lucrative, when market strategies are devised wisely. In recent years, trading stocks has become much easier for everyone through online brokerages, where an electronic stock broker does the buying and selling of orders on the client’s behalf.

OTCapital, an online broker operating under the regulation of ASIC, takes great pride in providing investors with the optimal trading environment. With OTCapital, we give our clients access to the hottest stocks in the world using a smart platform and advanced tools needed to navigate the market.

We also let our traders enjoy the benefits of spread betting and CFD trading enabling them to trade in both the long and short side of the market.

CFD, or contract for difference, is a tradable instrument used as an easier method of settlement through cash payments. Using this contract, traders can speculate on the future stock movements, whether they will rise or fall.

Start expanding your horizons in stock trading with OTCapital!