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Know Your Customer (K.Y.C.)

Based on the dictates of international anti-money laundering standards, OTCapital requires its clients to provide it with documents meant to authenticate their identity, address and means of payment. This is done in order to ensure the security of our traders' transactions and to prevent any malpractices, such as fraud or money laundering.

A client will not be able to engage in active trading before all required documents are delivered and the identity authentication process is complete.

For your information, identity authentication may take some time, so patience is required.

Required Documents

All documents must be valid for at least 6 months from the moment they are delivered to us. The entire document should be photocopied so that all four edges of the document are visible

The required documents ought to include the following:

1. Proof of Identity

A colored copy of your passport (valid for at least 6 months onwards)

2. Proof of residence

A colored copy of a utility bill (e.g. landline, electricity, gas bill – no more than three months old).

3. Driving license

A colored copy of a driving license (valid for at least 6 month onwards) functions both as proof of identity and proof of residence. To save time and effort, clients are, therefore, advised to opt for their driving license as a means of authenticating their identity.

You will be able to start trading after it is confirmed that your address matches your full name / Date of Birth.

4. Proof of Payment

A colored front and back copy of the credit card used for deposit showing the last 4 digits or an official bank statement.

To prevent their account from being blocked, clients will be required to supply us with the relevant proof of payment documents within 14 days.

In case, your account is blocked, you will be able to close open position by calling the dealing room.

How to send your documents

A colored photocopy or scanned documents should be sent via email to [email protected]

Alternatively, clients can upload their documents using the upload docs function on the Client Area

Are my documents safe with you?

OTCapital holds the security of clients’ documentation at the utmost priority. All documents are stored securely with access restricted to the compliance officer assigned. All files we acquire are fully protected using the highest level of encryption at every step of the review process.